about Boundless Beginnings



Boundless Beginnings is one lady with the ferocious belief that every child can! Through music, children can develop emotional intelligence, perseverance and passion that can last a life time. 

From modest beginnings in Beecroft (Sydney), Boundless Beginnings has provided Suzuki early childhood music education since 2007. We continue to build our beautiful community, now including a piano studio, parent education and our 'Mindful Musician' program with special emphasis on deepening emotional awareness and personal confidence.

  our Mission

At Boundless Beginnings, our mission is to make the world a better place through nurturing our children to grow into kind, emotionally responsible adults while nurturing family relationships in a welcoming community. We commit to this statement by providing all children and families with access to our group music program and parent forums, either online or in the studio.


Meet Elizabeth Carr

Hi I'm Elizabeth.

I began my Suzuki journey early in life, first with the violin and then my forever instrument, the piano.  I had a very positive experience learning the piano over many years and am now a Suzuki trained pianist and accredited early childhood music teacher.

I am passionate about the philosophy behind the Suzuki method. Very simply put, this philosophy brings my interests in psychology and early childhood brain development together in an actionable way that aligns deeply with my heart.

There is always more to learn! Adding to my Suzuki journey I have also studied a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Sydney University), Early Childhood Education (Macquarie University), and am currently completing a Masters in Psychotherapy and Counselling (Jansen Newman Institute). I believe in the importance of nurturing the whole person. Mind, Body and Soul. One does not exist without the other.

What is the Suzuki Method?

Dr Suzuki.png

The Suzuki Method was founded by Dr Suzuki (1898-1998) who identified the special recipe for children to learn to speak their own language. Ingredients include listening, observing and repetition from an early age.

Using these same ingredient the Suzuki Method was born. The home environment ignites the desire for music, just as all home ignite and encourage the desire for children to talk.  

Want to learn more about the Suzuki method? The book 'Nurtured by Love' is a wonderful start!