Studio Policy


My commitment to you and your child is to work with you over the long term, to foster your child’s ability
and unfold their own potential to become people with superior ability and beautiful hearts.


Program Requirements.

Parent Education:
The Suzuki method derives from Suzuki philosophy; which is held at the core of all that we will do together. Parent circles take place in person or online each term to discuss and learn about the philosophy and provide parents with concrete tools to bring the philosophy and method into life. These sessions are of upmost importance for all parents to attend once a term.

Listening to the Suzuki recordings daily is the most important element of progress. It is necessary to be listening to pieces ahead of the one you are currently studying as well as previous and current pieces. It is important to also listen to classical music to supplement the Suzuki Piano recordings.
Putting on the Suzuki recording with a smiling heart is the PARENT’s responsibility.

Progress: Please judge progress by the amount of effort invested, not by amount of pieces learned over a given period. Dr. Suzuki would say to parents “Where are you going in such a hurry? There’s no finish line, you know.” Children will be guided as per their own pace of learning. 

Daily Habit: As practice is a fundamental element in learning any skill, it is necessary that a special time be set aside each day in order to progress. It can be frustrating for all parties involved if no progress is being made because of the shortage of practice. If you are having problems getting your child to practice/practice effectively, please let me know as soon as possible, so I suggest actionable strategies. matter. Making up for “missed” practices does not seem to work! Quality, not quantity.

Try to look forward to practice as an intimate time together to work, think, laugh and grow together – all while making music. What could possibly be better?

Beyond Piano Observation: Observation of the student before or after students lesson is expected as part of the learning process. Please allow extra time for this. 

Concerts, Workshops and Parent education: I am committed to work with parents and families who are committed to the Suzuki Talent Education Way. Attendance at individual lessons, group lessons, parent circles, concerts & workshops demonstrates commitment. Parents are require  to become financial members of The Suzuki Talent Education Association and attend Studio & Suzuki association events.


Before each lesson:

Ensure your child has: 

• Had a snack and something to drink (only bottled water allowed in the studio)

• Been to the toilet.

• Washed hands.

• Short nails (Beyond Piano).

Parents need to bring a pen, notebook, books needed for the lesson, current practice charts, and recording device.


In the lesson - Beyond Piano specific:

1. Sit where you can observe without distracting your child (in a seat provided)

2. This is the teacher’s special time to teach you and your child. Two teachers teaching at the same time is confusing so please refrain from coaching from the sidelines.

3. For this brief time both child and teacher need your complete attention. Please put your phone away, and out of sight. Be present. Its ok to use your phone for taking notes, videos or photos for lesson purposes, but otherwise it should be out of sight and away from temptation. Remember, your learning attitude will determine the learning attitude of your child.
(applicable for all Boundless Beginnings lessons)

4. Siblings are welcome at the lesson. Please provide quiet activities to keep siblings busy and quiet as they benefit of being exposed to the lesson environment. If siblings are too disruptive alternative care may be required during lessons.

Your children’s safety is the teaching environment is their accompanying adults responsibility and not the responsibility of Boundless Beginnings. 


Appropriate behaviour in the studio:

• Turn mobile phone on flight mode before entering studio.

• Enter the studio VERY quietly to create a calm learning atmosphere. Talking in a hushed voice in the car, or walking up to the studio door will help to establish expectations.

• No talking while other students are having their lessons.

• No moving around or running in the room – find a seat observe the lesson in progress.

• If your child needs to go to the bathroom while other student is having a lesson, please take them quietly to not distract the lesson in progress. Supervision required please.

• No food or drink (excluding bottled water)

• Children can bring something to do individually and quietly while observing. Remember that as you observe your children in lessons you are also teaching them concert etiquette. With this in mind, please refrain from whispering or talking during classes.


“What does not exist in the environment will not develop in the child.” -Dr Suzuki



• Suzuki repertoire recordings. Copies for in the house and for the car. 

For Piano Students:

• A well-maintained acoustic piano tuned once a year (to concert pitch) and positioned in an appropriate place in the house.
Please purchase the best quality instrument within your financial means.

• A piano stool adjusted to the correct height.

• A foot stool

• A metronome from book 2. (You could get them as apps on your smartphone).


Studio Membership Fees:

Early Childhood Program $300 per quarter

Beyond Piano Beginners $400 per quarter

Beyond Piano Program $550 per quarter


Payment policy and procedure

• Fees for each complete term are due and payable by the first week of each term unless utilising the payment plan option. 

• Tuition includes lessons, group classes, parent support session and brief consultations (phone /email).

• Lessons not attended, irrespective of the reason for the absence, are included in the term and are charged for. This includes clashing activity calendars, illness and holiday leave. 

• Missed lessons are not re-scheduled; credits are not given for them, nor are refunds made.

• If unable to attend the studio - lessons can delivered online over skype, facebook or facetime. 

• If I (Elizabeth) need to change or cancel a lesson - a makeup lesson will be offered or this lesson will be credited to the following term.

• If you wish to terminate lessons at any point of the year, notice must be given by the end of the current term (not the beginning of the new term).



Above all else, I look forward to working with you and your child over many years.

Mastering an instrument like mastering any skill is likened to riding a rollercoaster.

At the top of the rails we will feel great high’s and momentum as we joyfully and

easily ride down the hills, there can be a slow climb  back up the other

side, feel the bumps and resistance to continue, frustration, anticipation and

difficulty. This experience will repeat itself again and again through out our journey

building their own resilience, persistence and values in life.  I look forward to riding

along side you and your child! Strap in!



Updated 16.8.18