Mindful Musicians


A structured and carefully designed program for children to deepen their emotional awareness, communication, confidence and positive relationships in a calm environment. 

Emotional awareness activities will give children the opportunity to become aware of their feelings, that feelings change and strategies to cope with difficult emotions. 

Children are given the opportunity to share ideas, experiences and suggestions with the group while learning respectful, assertive and meaningful communication skills paving the way to cultivating positive relationships, with one another, their family and future relationships.

Learning the skills behind a confident performance provides the foundation for a confident, happy performance. The skills learned in this program can be take forward to all avenues of life. Whether it be, starting a new school, performing with your instrument, public speaking or voicing an opposing opinion within your social circle. 

At a set date after the physical workshop, an online group session will take place for parents, providing support and actionable suggestions to nurture these concepts in your child.


Fee: $47 (workshop and online parent session)
Duration: 90 min workshop 60 min parent session
Location: Thornleigh Suzuki Institute
When: Register interest to be informed of the next workshop dates.
Parent Session: Delivered online after workshop

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Groups for non Suzuki Musicians by request only.