2:00 pm14:00

40th Suzuki Graduation Concert

This is the big concert in the main concert hall at the opera house. Different from the piano graduations in the Utzon room.

This concert will be primarily string instruments with 3 piano performances with an orchestra! Should be pretty amazing!

Tickets go on sale at the opera house website 22nd of Oct

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to 19 Nov.

Piano Graduation Concert in Utzon Room, Opera House

Concert Tickets:

Ger your Tickets here

Tickets prices for Piano Graduation Recitals @ Utzon Room are:-

Adults - $30 p.p.

Concession & children over 5 years old - $18 p.p.

Family of 4 (2 adults & 2 children) - $85

Children under 5 years old – free

Make sure you select the concert date carefully as there will be 4 dates to choose from. 

18th at 9AM

Sydney Opera House have increased their security and will be doing additional bag checks.  If possible, please limit what they bring/carry with them so that they can pass their security check easier and quicker. 

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6:00 pm18:00

Music Night

A casual evening for everyone to get together, enjoy hearing the students play and enjoying some food. This will take place at the suzuki institute or at a student's house. If you would like us to come to your house, please let me know. Its a great way of bringing our community together :)

$5 per family. I will pick up pizza on the way! 


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