Holistic music programs for children and families.


  Boundless Beginnings offers a range of programs tailored to various ages and group sizes to assist in nurturing children into kind hearted and confident individuals. Our programs develop self confidence, expression, musical ability, and most importantly emotional intelligence. See our full list of programs here.



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Why Music?

Find out why investing in music will have positive effects for a life time.

A kind word from others

"The group lesson was simply amazing - becoming aware of feelings and expressing them.  Tanishi was not only able to understand, but also able to express her feelings to her dad."   -Menuka Sharma


"Miss C started music lessons with Elizabeth from about 18months and 2.5years on, she has developed a sensitive ear and a keen appreciation and love for music.
Elizabeth has the greatest amount of patience and never cease to think up new and innovative teaching ideas to reinforce what needs to be learnt. She never rushes the student and always caters to their needs and learning styles. She is full of passion and devotes a lot of extra time to support her community of parents. Being a piano teacher myself, Elizabeth has been a source of inspiration, someone to be highly respected and recommended!"
-Serene Wong


"I just want to say how impressed I am with your dedication and your care for children growing up in an environment where they are free from some of the problems that are prevalent today.  I think you are one of the rare people that can have a tangible impact on the wellbeing of people.  That is winning to me!" -Mike Crawford


"Thank you for being a wonderful teacher and our favourite teacher! Yan has really enjoyed being in your class. Full of love and fun! Thanks for helping me to become a much more happier mum, thanks for all the support and inspiration." - Grace Wang


"Patience and love are a must when teaching young children. Elizabeth demonstrates these qualities during every lesson."
-Hui Ching